The companionship of KL Vip Escort Girl are available for photo selection in Website. We will discuss your needs and send you some suitable options. Please understand that only serious & genuine enquiries will be entertained. Discretion is extremely important to our elegant Malaysia courtesans. Our discreet all asian model escorts do not show their faces to anyone but their paying Asian and international clientele. We work with some very accomplished models, and discretion/ confidentiality is just as important to them as it is to you.

We’re sure you wouldn’t like your photo on a website for anyone to see, stating that you call Asian escort services, would you..? 🙂 We have a world renowned reputation for exceptionally high quality, and we are extremely selective with whom we work. Seeking companionship with discreet KL VIP Escort Girl leaves you in a bit of a dilemma. There are several options! With all the many companies offering female companions Malaysia, and claiming to be the ‘leading escort agency’ or the most elite, most high class escort service etc, it can be very, very difficult to know which is, in reality ‘the best escorts in Malaysia’.

We’ll tell you which agency is the best – it’s different for everyone! There are probably 3-4 decent companies in most international Asian cities, where the model escorts are treated with respect and dignity, and the owners are more interested in making sure their staff and clients are perfectly matched and happy, as opposed to making as much money as possible.

Finding Malaysia escort agencies where money is not the main object is a tough one, but when you find them, (like is!) you stick to them, and then you have a nice 2-3 companies to keep in your companion rotation 🙂 – You can always tell these agencies, as the girls are always happy, NOT taking drugs, hygienic, and they talk about the company with respect, like they appreciate how they are treated fairly and professionally. They will have a full time security driver who does NOT hit on them, and they will never have been asked to undress for the male members of the company… Always run highly professionally like any professional model agency – except you get to meet the girls in private.

This is the first sign of a high quality female escort agency management – it’s not about getting free girls, and it’s not about getting free money… If it is, you got a dud. And duds attract and work with lower quality models. They might seem fine, but she will have a very different mind set. Who knows what she does in her private time, and whether the company even bothers to give information on or check for Asian sexual health standards…!? ​


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